Complaints Procedure

Should you wish to speak to someone about an issue that's concerning you, you can email us at  - please inform us about:

We will do our best to assess your complaint and then respond to you in writing (in English or Greek).  However, irrespective of the above, you still maintain the right to contact the alternative dispute resolution authorities, mentioned below, in relation to any complaint about ICL’s service. You also have the right to pursue legal action, if you consider that ICL have breached the law.

Our response to your complaint will be provided to you within 15 business days after your complaint has been received by ICL.  As an alternative and within the same period, in case of a delay to our response, a letter explaining why our response has been delayed, whereas our second and final response will be provided within 35 business days.

Alternative dispute resolution authority for complaints related to payment services

You may also file a complaint to any Cyprus-based out-of-court dispute resolution authorities that handle consumers’ complaints in relation to the service provided by us.  Among these are:

Consumer Disputes - Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (

European Consumer Centre (ECC Cyprus) (